Monday, August 22, 2005

my first blog

i had composed something, when i tried to navigate away i had lost the content i typed. so be this my first blog.

After signing up in blogspot, i happened to browse to some of the fellow bloggers. for what i have seen so far, two bloggers have really impressed me with their writing. One of them is a trave(b)loguer and her blogs like ooty, kerela, france, italy, somewhere near b'lore are all interesting reads. the setup before starting the journey, the roads to destination, surely refreshes one's mind and gives the same feel as the destination itself. or it triggers similar experiences of the reader. visit

dubukks' writing is very seasoned and he sure has the abilities to write and what more, make people read his blogs. his child hood agrahaaram stories, cricket matches, jolli thirintha kaalam, school days is very much similar to srirangathu devathaigal and madan's mylapore days.

so for the past month, these guys are keeping me more happy with their blogs. i wish to see many more bloggers and blogs like this. i will keep you posted with more blogs and try to give links to the posts i have mentioned in the first few lines.